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Preserving history…one life story at a time…

Writing Your Lifetales

Lifetales Books: memoirs and autobiographies, how-to (write, market, publish, workshop, etc.) memoir, genealogy related. Titles will reflect the company’s motto, Preserving history…one life story at a time.

In 1999 I began teaching memoir and journaling classes in Palm Beach County.  I also work as a Personal Historian, taping clients memoirs and transcribing them to book form.

A few of the topics I explore with readers are:

  • Why should we write our memoirs?
  • Basic Writing Rules for Memoirs
  • Dealing with Painful Issues, Truth, and Personal Myths
  • Items to include in your memoir
  • Interviewing Friends and Family Members
  • Research
  • Putting it all Together
  • Re-writes
  • Publishing Your Memoirs
  • Getting professional assistance


What can I do for you as a Lifewriting Coach?

I will coach you through the writing (annoying you and bugging you and saying “What did you get done today?”. Ha ha…just kidding. I provide you with moral support at least three times per week) to keep writing because writing memoirs is often painful and darn hard, especially if you are truthful with yourself when you are writing.  I will edit the memoirs as you write and offer you suggestions while you write.

What do you get out of it?

A sense of accomplishment, a hopefully healed heart, a documentation for the future that you passed this way, a real published book that you can put on your shelf and, God willing, a little bit of cash in the bank.

If you would like to jump out on your own then here are a few things that you may find helpful on your journey:

Lifetales A Workbook for Writing Your Life Stories

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