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Past Projects

Academic Proposal Editing

  • Florida Atlantic University Grant & Research Department

 Editing and Layout

  • Title Pending: a fictional novel based on family history
  • Eat! Sleep! Meditate! (Marva Riley, R.N.)
  • SHEIR: Recipe Book (Marva Riley, R.N.)
  • She-Q – Why Women Should Mentor Men and Change the World (Michelle Takei, MARI)
  • Job Search Now (Happy About Publishing)
  • I’m in a Job Search, Now What? (Happy About Publishing)
  • The Nurse Expert Vol.2, How to use radio to position yourself as the authority in your field (Dwayne Adams, RN, The Nurse Expert)
  • Beyond the Bedside: Alternate Careers for the Registered Nurse (Dwayne Adams, RN, The Nurse Expert)
  • Keys to Successful Electrical Estimating (anonymous author)
  • 42 Rules of Product Marketing(anonymous author)
    • Growing Your Business: 102 Ways to Help Your Business Grow Successfully (The Friendly Accountants)
    • The Blue Pen Flip: Make Tons of Money Flipping Properties with Nothing More Than a Shiny Blue Pen! (Joseph Kaiser)
    • Mitigate This! The “Short Sale” Alternative for Investors on the Cutting Edge (Joseph Kaiser)
    • The Ultimate Lease Option Strategy: Targeting the “Tired” Landlord (Joseph Kaiser)
    • Gonzo Investing: How the Real Estate Game is Played to Win! (Joseph Kaiser)
    • Power Cashflow: The Mechanics Lien System (Joseph Kaiser)
    • The Subterranean Marketplace: It’s Where the Real Deals are Hiding! (Joseph Kaiser)
    • 37 Ways to Bulletproof Every Foreclosure Deal (Joseph Kaiser)
    • Foreclosure Letter Writer’s Workshop (Joseph Kaiser)
    • The Hunt for Abandoned Properties (Joseph Kaiser)
    • Excess Funding Operations Manual (Joseph Kaiser)
    • Totally Dominate Your Foreclosure Marketplace: Advanced Strategies for Acquiring Distressed Real Estate (Joseph Kaiser)
    • A Year in the Life of an Investor (Joseph Kaiser)
    • “It’s ‘Quit’ Claim, not ‘Quick’ Claim, You Big Goof!”: This and Other Things I’ve Learned Along the Way to Becoming a Professional Real Estate Investor (Joseph Kaiser)
    • Hooked on Overages (Joseph Kaiser)
    • Dude, Pull the Trigger (Joseph Kaiser)
    • Crushing the List: Rampage 2007 (Joseph Kaiser)
    • The Unfair Advantage: A Proven Field Guide to Help You Master the “Big Pharma” Interview Process, Crush Your Competition, and Make More Money Than Ever Before as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (Jason Sanderl, PharmaBootCamp)
    • Repostioning Employee Communication: How Smart Companies Engage Employees with Business Outcomes (Marcia Xenitelis, Communication At Work, Australia)
    • Understand and Beat the “Pee in Your Pants” Nervousness of Public Speaking (Extraordinary Educational Tools, LLC)
    • Gifts of the Spirit (Charles McGregor)
    •  “Keep Your Audience on the Edge of Their Seats: How to Master Content, Structure, and Delivery to Make Your Audiences TALL (Think, Act, Laugh, and Learn)” (Craig Valentine)
    • Becoming a Judgment Recovery Specialist (anonymous author)
    • Bruce Lee Chronicles (Tiger Rock, LMT)
    • The Baby Code (Kevin Mills, Mills Creative Mind)
    • Plan Your Dream Wedding: Destination Las Vegas: The Secret Ingredient to Planning the Wedding of a Lifetime (Roz Upchurch)
    • How to Fix People Memoir (Dr. Dave Gore)
    • The Catholic Guy Devotionals (Pastor Bruce Downes
    • Freed by Grace (Tim Finley)
    • Sermons (Maceo Smedley, Inc.)
    • Strengths Essentials Workshop (Brian Brim and Heather Wright)
    • Global Cleantech Directory: 100 Cleantech Lists That Matter (Shawn Lesser)
    • When a Hangover is Not an Option: The 25 Minute Hangover Cure (anonymous author, Australia)
    • Reverse Scalping (anonymous author)
    • “Tips Tricks, & Tactics to Overcoming Life’s Challenges and Annoyances!”  (Peter Fogel, Fortune 500 Comedy Communications) 2010
    • Reversion to the Mean: How to Profit in the Marketplace Using Technical Strategies (Traders Edge)
    • Time to Create a Better Life (Michele Tocci, LifeStyle Refocus, Australia) 2012
    • Music Sermon Seminars (Douglas Bachorik)
    • Transform Your Life (Patty Bender)
    • Taking Massive Action  (Simon Bowen)
    • Creating Products and Programs (PT Trader, The Coaching Institute, Australia)
    • 5 things to do before you call tech support (Thomas Oen)
    • Don’t Stop Believing; Anything Is Possible. Just Do It. (Pistachio Electronics
    • Time Management Strategies for Busy Women (Catherine Trebble)
    • Taking Control of Your Finances (anonymous author)
    • 101 More Ways to Save Money (Oscarvee Publications, 2009)
    • More Freedom, More Success, More Money: 30 Second Sponsoring, Have More, Work Less (Chris Mezera, Global Family Marketing)
    • Organizing Awesome (Adam Montandan)

Fiction Editing

  • Enemy Through the Gates  (Dara Dyllin)
  • Desert Wife (Hilda Faunce, Introduction by Frank Walters)
  • Children’s Book (Brad Ross)
  • The Legacy (anonymous author)
  • Victory Six (anonymous author)
  • Refurbished Soul: book 3 of the Shift trilogy (Michael Juge)
  • Broke and Busted to Rich and Trusted: Leadership Lessons on Trust (Lea Brovedani)
  • Tales of the Brooklyn Hobo (Alex Procho)
  • The Caver King (Enzo Silvestri)
  • Rock of Ages (Enzo Silvestri)
  • Thief in the Night (Enzo Silvestri)
  • 23 Red Roses: A Memoir (Julie Heuer)


  • Helpful Tips for Speed Reading (Karen Silvestri, Karenzo Media)
  • 10 Benefits of Preserving Your Memories (Talking Medias LLC) 2009
  • Time Management Strategies for Busy Moms (anonymous author)
  • Comprehensive Guide to Camp Games (Chad Currin)
  • Comprehensive Guide to Relay Races (Chad Currin)
  • Comprehensive Guide to Crafts (Chad Currin)
  • Comprehensive Guide Paper Airplanes (Chad Currin)
  • Talking Memoires (Talking Medias, LLC)
  • Fresh Words Devotionals (Gloria Ross)
  • God’s Little To Do List  (Gloria Ross)
  • “A Guide to Starting Your Own Clothing Line Business” (anonymous author)
  • “6 Important Tips You Need to Know When Photographing Children” (Real Kids Photography, LLC)
  • Are You Smarter than a Caveman? Your Ultimate Guide to Long-Term Health and Survival (Matt Pack)
  • Entrepreneur in Heels (Catherine Trebble)
  • Sunday School Lessons (Matt Mangold)
  • Character Tasks (Big Think, LLC)
  • Reading Passages for Elementary School (MaxScholar)
  • Study Skills articles (Fairfield Tutoring)
  • High School reading passages (ABC Teach)


  • Coffee 2 Tea
  • Marshmallow Recipes
  • Rose Wine Recipes
  • White Wine Recipes
  • Meatloaf Recipes
  • Artisan Bread Recipes
  • Sparkling Wine/Champagne Recipes
  • Vegetarian Casseroles

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