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Range of Services

Business: blog creation & maintenance, social media maintenance, editing and proofreading your documents, emails, and proposals, ghostwriting, church histories, corporate histories, research & development.

Publishing: We publish memoirs and autobiographies, memoir, genealogy related titles, and other historical works, especially Florida history.

All titles reflect our organization’s motto, “Preserving history and healing lives…one life story at a time”

Interviewing and Transcription: We will record your stories using audio and/or video, depending on what you are comfortable with. You can hire us for your own personal stories, or you can hire us to work with your family member. We will transcribe your recordings to digital format. These recordings are transcribed verbatim. You can choose to have them translated into narrative form for an additional fee.

Writing & Editing Services: We will work with you to edit and develop your book, whether it be a memoir, fictional story, or other manuscript.

All projects are different and pricing varies.

Writing Coach: We will coach you through the writing and help keep you on track. Writing memoirs is often painful and darn hard, especially if you are truthful with yourself when you are writing. We will edit the memoirs as you write and offer you suggestions while you write. What do you get out of it? A sense of accomplishment, a hopefully healed heart, a documentation for the future that you passed this way, a real published book that you can put on your shelf and, God willing, a little bit of cash in the bank.

Classes, Workshops, Lectures: Workshops are offered in Lifewriting, Self-Publishing (formatting, uploading to online venues, marketing), Journaling, and Art Journaling

Research: We will help you with completing all of your research needs for lifewriting, fiction writing, historical research, or marketing research for your business. We are experienced in performing professional and academic research and expert at compiling professional sources and accurately documenting your sources.

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  • For editing and ghostwriting, my fee includes a minimum of two rounds of rewrites. These rewrites are only completed after the full fee is paid and cleared. I typically am willing to go beyond two rewrites; I work until you are completely satisfied.


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