You can find jobs at these sites, but you are going to have work a little harder. These are not Revenue Share sites; these are sites where you will post your profile and your portfolio and then bid on jobs. Most of these sites charge a fee to use their site, but the fee is pretty low and well worth it. These are the places that I am picking up work on a weekly basis.

Bid on jobs at ELANCE. Jobs for writers, graphic designers, and computer geeks are offered here by various companies and individuals. You set up your profile and portfolio and search for jobs in your area, then bid on them. Basic $9.95 or so to join and you are allowed to make so many bids per month. If you are serious about this, buy the more expensive package ($40 or so a month), so that you can bid more often. I won’t lie to you; it takes some time to build a reputation on this site. You may have to severely underbid yourself in the beginning to get some jobs, but feedback and reviews are important here. Once you’ve established yourself, you can work full-time with the great jobs you’ll find on Elance. They do charge a service fee for paid jobs, but it is worth it.

UPDATE: Elance now rolls over ‘connects’, meaning if you don’t use your connects to bid on projects in one month, they roll over to the next month!

Pay up at GURU if you want to find a decent job. You can join for free, but your bidding capability is severely limited. Prices range from $30-$100 per quarter for membership, and Guru takes a commission on paid jobs. I am just a basic member at the moment, but I have a feeling this is the site to use if you are serious about freelancing.

Check out SCRIPTLANCE. Very much similar to Elance, but the service is free. Because it is free, however, you will have to wade through some incredibly ridiculous jobs – like people wanting articles for $1 each. Mind you, there are plenty of folks who will write a 600 word article for $1, and these guys posting the jobs know it. Be careful you are not bidding on those jobs; don’t undersell yourself THAT much! I have landed a couple of decent paying jobs there, but you have to really dig for those gems.

Find writing and design jobs at IFREELANCE (iFreelance). Same as Elance and Scriptlance – create a profile and portfolio and bid on jobs. I haven’t landed any gigs there yet, but I’ve only been on there for less than a month. Appears to have decent work and very easy to navigate. Premium membership is roughly $140 a year, but you can pay $10 per month. They don’t charge a commission or service fee on paid jobs.

For Aussies and New Zealanders, OZLANCE is just like the American Elance. It is open to freelancers worldwide, and it is free to sign up.

Other places to visit: