Enzo has been working hard at revising and updating Thief in the Night!

He added and changed so much of the original book that he decided to make the book into a trilogy.

Book one of the trilogy – Rock of Ages – is now available here.

Book two – Thief in the Night will be available in August 2009.

Book three – The Marriage Feast will be available in 2010.

Rock of Ages Cover

The first in the Thief in the Night Trilogy of end time novels. Rock of Ages introduces a world that is headed towards a one world government. The Book of Revelation comes to life in this fast-paced, historically accurate novel. A dramatization of the New Testament Book of Revelation, Rock of Ages departs from the much loved Left Behind series in that the characters ‘stay behind’ willingly. The story is set chiefly in Australia and Israel and tells the story of four friends and their involvement in developments at the end of the age.