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Kindle Edition FREE TODAY March 12, 2012!

THE CAVER KING tells the story of Tsami, a brash youth in search of adventure, and Tsado, a sedentary book-wise scholar.

Tsami’s dreams of swashbuckling adventure are realized one day when he and Tsado are visited by the “King’s Commissioner’, who assigns them to a task in service of the High King’s Army.

After accepting the Commission, they find that there are many obstacles to overcome, and many discoveries to be made. During the journey, they find out that they are not alone in their quest.

Enzo Silvestri holds a BA in English & History, a BEd in Italian/English & an MA in Applied Linguistics. The Caver King was originally self-published in Australia under the name Wobbles & Scuttles. Silvestri has taught around the world as a teacher and now lives with his wife in St. Pauls, NC.

Enzo approaches his writing with a philosophy that says, “If the story is not going to upbuild and teach something lasting, why bother writing it?”

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Kindle Edition FREE TODAY March 12, 2012!