Freelance Writing Jobs!If you live in one of the cities where they need writers, you are in luck! There are plenty of freelance writer jobs to choose from listed under JOBS on the Living Social site. Here is a brief overview regarding the freelance writing job:

LivingSocial, the hottest new form of social commerce and online marketing, is hiring local freelance writers to craft copy for our Daily Deals. We love evocative writing and word play (clever turns of phrase tickle us green!), and think the most exciting stuff to read online is full of energy, creativity, and wit. Agree? Then keep reading:

Job Responsibilities:
Write up to ten snazzy Daily Deal descriptions each week;
Write five 365 articles each week about the best things to do in (certain cities);
Work directly with editors to nail down our style and voice.

Bachelor’s degree
A strong writing test (details below);
Clever sense of humor;
The ability to turn around pristine copy in 24 hours;
And… a strong desire to be a part of something new, exciting, and super fast-paced.

Here’s the link to see if your city is listed: