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Writing Workshop Lessons – Prices range from $1.99 – $9.99 and are downloadable immediately in PDF form.

20-165 page workbooks to use with your middle to high school students in short story, fiction, poetry, or all genres combined!

Teach your students how to write sci-fi, fantasy, newspaper articles, book reviews, poems, memoirs, children’s books, plays, and more!

How to write in different genres sci-fi, fantasy, newspaper, children’s books, plays, and more!

Feedback from Teachers who have bought the writing workbooks

Mrs. Schmelzer, teacher March 29, 2012
This unit was a lifesaver! As a first year teacher, it saved me when I started my poetry unit.

Jnsnoopy, a teacher February 19, 2012
A great resource for anyone interested in doing a fun poetry unit. This unit will help with specific knowledge and fun poems to write.

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