Get your child writing this summer. Good writing takes practice and keeping a journal is a great way to practice daily writing skills. Rather than spending hours on Facebook talking about their summer activities, have them keep a blog. They will learn about technology and practice their writing skills at the same time. They can share their blog with their friends.

Challenge them to use proper English (or whatever language their native language is) when writing in their blog – no text message language allowed!

I highly suggest that you use the sites listed below for kid’s blogs. There are many places to blog out there on the Internet and they are NOT the place for your child to be blogging. Most blog sites say you have to be over 13 to create a site, but kids have a way of getting around that rule. Check out the sites below for SAFE blogging sites for your kids!


Kids Learn To Blog
More information about helping kids under 13 create a blog. Information on how to write blog posts, add video, music and all kinds of all cool things.



“Established in 2001, Kidzworld is the first social network for kids between the ages 9 – 14. Kidzworld encourages kids to express themselves through the creation of original content in a safe online world. Children can interact with each other in our moderated chat rooms, message boards and forums. In the KW Zone (our kids social network), their user profile is a safe and secure place to share photos, create groups, write a blog, or post poems and stories. This area is continually supervised; the number one priority for a kids social network. In fact, all the social networking children do at Kidzworld is monitored for safety and bullying. Consequently, there is no ability to share or disclose personally identifiable or private information. Kidzworld is truly a safe social network for kids and teens.” (from the Kidzworld website)


Owned by Disney, this site offers a place for kids of all ages to create movies, stories and pictures to share online. They can add scenery and backgrounds, characters, speech bubbles and more. They can even draw their own picture to add into a scene.

My Pop Studio

Teen girls can create in a TV Studio, Magazine Studio, Digital Studio or Music Studio!


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