Summer Learning: Creative Ideas and Tools to Keep Your Child Learning All Summer Long

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only $2.99

Are you tired of searching all over the Internet for ways to keep your child occupied this summer? I’ve put together creative ideas from my own teaching background, as well as links to some fabulous sites that offer interactive ideas and games. Why should you do all the work? I’ve done it for you! You’ll find ideas and activities to keep your children busy and LEARNING all summer long in this book!

Studies show that students lose up to two months of what they learned in school the previous year over the summer. If your child has any type of learning disability, they lose even more.

As a parent and a teacher, those studies bother me. Learning should never stop! I don’t care how old you are, learning is something that continues throughout our lifetimes. The sooner we instill in our children a love of learning, the better off they will be in school, in careers, and in life in general.

How can you keep your child in learning mode while still allowing them the chance to enjoy their vacation? Learning does not have to be boring!

The tips in this book will help you not only hone your child’s study skills over the summer, they will also provide your child valuable tools to use throughout the school year and throughout their adult lives.

Table of Contents:
Get Creative!
Creative Ideas for Summer Reading
Creative Ideas for Increasing Vocabulary
Creative Ideas for Writing Skills
Keeping a Summer Blog
Creative Ideas for Math
Creative Ideas for Social Studies, History and Geography
Fun Interactive Games for Learning About Cultures
Fun Interactive Games for Learning about History
Fun Interactive Games for Learning about Geography
Creative Ideas for Science
Creative Ideas for Independent Social Skills
Tools for Summer Learning
Great Books for Summer Learning
Great Websites for Summer Learning
Recommended Summer Reading Books