Kindle version of Creative Writing Workshop is finally finished! $4.99

Print version (pdf printable) is available at Karenzo Media $6.99 for immediate delivery.

A hit with English and Creative Writing teachers!

Over 165 pages of exercises for your English and Creative Writing class! How to write in different genres (sci-fi, fantasy, newspaper, children’s books, plays, poetry and more!) Also includes important grammar issues such as sentence fragments and run-on sentences.

Plan a semester or a full year around these lessons.

The Kindle edition is formatted so that you can quickly find a writing lesson when you need it. How many times have you had 10 minutes to fill in class and were at a loss how to fill the time? Pull out your Kindle and get a quick idea for a fun writing assignment for your students. Includes individual and group work.

Perfect for Homeschoolers!

Mrs. Schmelzer, teacher March 29, 2012
This unit was a lifesaver! As a first year teacher, it saved me when I started my poetry unit.

Jnsnoopy, a teacher February 19, 2012
A great resource for anyone interested in doing a fun poetry unit. This units will help with specific knowledge and fun poems to write.