This is an interview with Judy Cullins of She has some great tips for using the Internet to market your self-published work. Enjoy! Karen

Judy answered questions via email, including some about the struggle some writers have about turning their writing into a commercial enterprise. She says that to sell anything, you must be seen. Read the interview here.

Here is one of Judy’s ebooks that I found helpful:

Easy Book Marketing for Introverts & Terrified Authors

Does marketing your book make you want to hide under your desk? Gurus Judy Cullins, Dan Poynter, and Shel Horowitz show you that you simply need to do what you do best – write a bit to share the highlights of your book to reach your target audience. Take the stress out of social media marketing and get on the fast track to promoting your book today!

Does anyone else have some great tips they’d like to share? Drop me a line or send me a link to your article or ebook!