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A hit with English and Creative Writing teachers! Over 75 pages of exercises for your English and Creative Writing class! This workbook contains instructions and individual exercises for writing general fiction, science fiction, fantasy, children’s books, and plays. Plan a semester or a full year around these lessons. Exercises are on individual pages so that you can quickly find a writing lesson when you need it. How many times have you had 10 minutes to fill in class and were at a loss how to fill the time?

Pull out this workbook and get a quick idea for a fun writing assignment for your students. Includes individual and group work. Give a workbook to each student in your Creative Writing class! No more photocopying! Perfect for Homeschoolers!

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  • This unit was a lifesaver! As a first year teacher, it saved me when I started my poetry unit.
  • These are really great lessons! Thanks!
  • Really helped create my lessons. I am very excited to use this with my creative writing class!!
  • Looks great, and very helpful!! Thanks!

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