9-6-2013 12-32-56 PMEpisode 5 Civil Rivalry is now available in print, Kindle, and pdf format!

Even more exciting is that Season 2 – Episodes 6 and 7 will be available in all 3 formats Monday, September 9, 2013!

These books are perfect reading for daily reading time in a classroom. Project the story on the projector screen and read aloud with students. The episodes build on one another as the Time Card kids ‘jump’ to different points in history.

Season One will be available as one book (Episodes 1-5) on September 30th, so check back often for updates.

series 1 cover


“Perfect for reluctant readers! My son read The Mysterious Case in one day and is looking forward to the next book.”

“The book was the perfect size for beach reading. Ready to read the next book!”

“My kids enjoyed the story, the girls are in love with Blue, and the boys think Jesse is hysterical.”


The stories are available at Amazon.com for .99 each.

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The Time Card Series 1

Episode 1: The Mysterious Case

Episode 2: Declaration Time

Episode 3: Rebooted

Episode 4: Escape from Harvard

Episode 5: Civil Rivalry

The Time Card Series 2

Episode 6: War in the Heavens

Episode 7: Eureka!

Episodes 1-5 in print and electronic form