book sales meme

The marketing gurus tell us that your website is your ‘home base’. Your blog on the other hand, is a vehicle for driving potential clients TO your home base (where your books are for sale).

What to blog about?

  • Your experiences with writing
  • Your experiences with publishing
  • Conversations with other writers
  • Share interesting articles you read about writing and publishing

Let your blog readers get to know YOU the person.

  • Share what motivates you.
  • Share what turns you off.
  • Share your advice and your strategies for getting that book written.

In other words, make your blog a comfortable place for readers to come. Don’t constantly bombard them with “buy my book!” You can have a link to your book. You can mention your book here and there. But do NOT make your blog your sales page. Leave that for your website.

STAY in the conversation. Talk to the people who comment on your posts. Invite readers to comment.

Your blog readers are looking for information (and sometimes entertainment); they are not looking for your sales pitch.

Happy Blogging….

#Day 2 A to Z Blogging Challenge