4-5-2014 8-14-44 AMToday is a beautiful day for creating something! Like all talents, we need to stretch our creative muscles on a regular basis. Here are ELEVEN places you can visit for a quick stretch of your creative muscles.

1. Creative Talents Unleashed
I love this Facebook site! They “showcase artists in the genres of: Literature, Music, Art, and Photography. Our goal is to inspire and uplift humanity through creative arts.” I get a lot of short exericises here.

2. Practical Creative Writing
A good site with all kinds of different writing exercises.

3. The Writer’s Craft
Like to print out your exercises? This site has printable exercises!

4. Writer’s Digest
Get daily creative writing exercises sent straight to your inbox!

5. Plot Generator
I love online story generators! Kick start your writing with an exercise in fill in the blanks.

6. Writing Exercises
This generator lets you choose First Line, Character, Title, Dialogue, etc.

7. Be a Better Writer
This site gives you exercises to do with a creative writing group.

8. Creative Writing on Pinterest
This is an extensive board with loads of ideas for boosting creativity in writing, art, and journaling.

9. Poets & Writers
Daily creative writing exercises in every genre!

10. Warren Wilson College
Writing exercises from one of the best MFA programs in the United States.

11. Karenzo Media
You know I have to include my own exercises! J Check out ebooks (and print) with exercises for creative writing, poetry, journaling, and art.

Day #5 A to Z Blogging Challenge

3-28-2014 6-54-53 AMWant to be a part of our next book? We are looking for teachers and indie authors to contribute writing advice, self-publishing advice, and creative writing exercises in ALL writing genres. See more details here.

Tentative deadline for submissions is May 16, 2014.