Okay, get your creative thinking caps on and check out Bard Publishing! Call for submissions went out TODAY!


This is an open call for all things art: photography, poetry, drawings, fiction, painting, memoir, ESSAY, ESSAY, ESSAY (we want to put together an essay zine.  Social Justice oriented stuff.  Go on.  Do it.) and anything else that might be one your pretty, twisted little minds. Send it!  We’re looking for content to publish immediately on this blog, to add you to our blog roll and publish your work here, and also to use in the second edition of our zine, Indecent Vol. 2.

Send us your work in an email to bardpublishing@gmail.com with “submission” in the subject line.  We’ll respond within two weeks and possibly sooner.

Send send send, Babies.

Peace and one Love

The Editors

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