The excitement is mounting! Gotta Find a Home: Conversations with Street People launches on June 10th 3-9 pm EST. I hope you are planning to attend the book launch party on Facebook!

Here is a small list of the gifts that will be going out to participants during the party – what’s a party without party favors and games?

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Print booksDSCN2315[1]

An 8×10 mounted print of Dennis’ artwork

5-29-2014 7-28-38 AM

DVD of my all time favorite movie


Do I have to be in the U.S. to attend the party?

No! The party is completely online, so anyone in the world can attend.

What is the time difference?

Check the event page for a handy clock tool that will convert time differences for you.

Do I have to stay online for the whole party (3pm-9pm EST)?

Absolutely not! Hang out the whole time or just pop in now and then. This party works just like your Facebook page. If you LIKE the Gotta Find a Home site, everything that is happening at the party will show in your newsfeed. (Be sure to turn on NOTIFICATIONS at the top of the page.)

When will Dennis be at the party?

Dennis will be popping in throughout the party. Go ahead and ask him a question anytime you want!

How do you choose winners for party favors?

Periodically, I will ask a question or announce a party favor going out. To win, you simply need to comment on the post or answer the question. Those who post will then be run through ‘the randomizer’ to choose the winner!

Have any questions about the party or the book? Email Karen at

Join the party here!