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horryaprilcoverSouth Carolina Living magazine – Seeking stories that celebrate the people, places, food and experiences that define life in South Carolina. Features: Almost any topic goes, so long as it has statewide interest and great art potential. Length: 1,500 to 3,000 words. Pays $450. Departments: SC Stories – interesting, everyday people, 350 words, pays $200. SC Travels – one- to two-page stories on interesting places to visit in South Carolina, 500-750 words, pays $300. Chef’s Choice – interesting restaurants and the person or people behind them, 500 words, pays $300. SC Pets – heart-warming stories of animals and their people, along with the occasional service piece on keeping pets healthy and happy, length 500-700 words, pays $300. Purchases all rights. Always look for a co-op connection. Ask sources and subjects if they are a member of a South Carolina electric cooperative—you’ll be surprised at how many people in this state are. Whenever a source or subject is a co-op member, find a way to mention that fact (and the name of the co-op) in the story, even if it’s just in passing. Guidelines: https://ecscscliving.app.box.com/s/7r7im55t25q9oq34guom