by Karen Y. Hamilton, October 23, 2017




And this we must learn.

That no matter how far into the pit you fall, you will rise from the ashes. I’ve been down there so many times that it’s become rather familiar.

Almost comforting. Like “ah…hello old friend…here we are again.”

So I sit in the ashes for a short bit, maybe doodle in the soot and still smoking embers – maybe a smiley face, perhaps a ‘screw you’ – whatever – doesn’t matter.

It’s okay to just rest a little.

Because you know the long climb back up is waiting – it will wait an eternity if you let it – but don’t rest too long.

Breathe, Recenter, Get back up. And climb.

Because the very best things are found at the top of that pit – and they only become visible after the fall. The more times you allow yourself to fall, experience the ashes, fall in love with the adventure, the more incredible and beautiful you will find this life waiting for you at every rising.

Peace all, Karen