The other day someone at work did something nice for me. If she hadn’t done it, I would have had to do all kinds of running around. What bothered (bothers) me though is that she said, “I shouldn’t do this but I guess it’s the holiday spirit making me do it.” And she acted like this ‘holiday spirit’ was an annoying thing to her.

Don’t get me wrong. I am very thankful that she saved me about four hours and gas money. But I could not help but think, “You wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t the holidays?”

Jesus’ greatest commandment – Love One Another. Somehow I don’t think he meant only in December. Most philosophies teach that ‘we are all one.’ One body. 1 + 1 = 1 always. This is a concept that no one taught me; I have just always felt it as a core concept of selfhood.

Anyway, I will practice ‘let it go’ on that one. Send her some prayer, white light, good vibes, whatever…perhaps go out there and do something nice for someone today ‘just because’ in order to balance things out.

Missed the sunrise this morning. But it’s up and the day is waiting. Onward into the fray. Have a blessed day, smile, and be nice to everyone you meet today. 🙂