you are not finished memeAs a writer myself, I know how precious your manuscript is to you. Trust your hard work to me, and I will give it every bit of dedication that I give to my own work.

“Ms. Hamilton’s ability to navigate technology, whether it was the LMS or video editing to deliver the curriculum, as well as to write it and direct the people working for her is a unique skill set.” Dr. Flavian Prince, Inquiry Bridge 

I have over 20 years experience in the writing field, including working with the public through workshops and seminars, 14 years experience teaching secondary and higher education, and 8 years manager experience in non-profit and retail business.

“Karen was awesome!! She found errors in my manuscript that other editors had overlooked. She answered all of my questions, and provided a fast turnaround.” Bruce Lee Chronicles

I have extensive experience with creative, academic, and business writing. I specialize in creating and editing educational, business and corporate materials (websites, articles, books, lesson plans, newsletters, church histories, and brochures).

Business: blog creation & maintenance, social media maintenance, editing and proofreading your documents, emails, and proposals, ghostwriting articles & ebooks, marketing consultation, church histories, corporate histories, research & development.

Publishing: memoirs and autobiographies, memoir, genealogy related titles, and other historical works, especially Florida history.

Interviewing & Transcription: recording your stories using audio and/or video and transcribing your recordings to digital format.

Writing & Editing Services: editing & developing your book, whether it be a memoir, fictional story, or other manuscript.

Writing Coach: coaching you through the writing and keeping you on track.

Research: assisting you in completing all of your research needs for lifewriting, fiction writing, historical research, or marketing research for your business.

“Karen was very insightful in addition to being a talented, intelligent writer. She brought the direction and encouragement I needed to knock this proposal out of the park. You will not regret hiring her for your project!” – Mills Creative Mind