It has been quite a few years since I put out a memoir anthology. As I’ve received a number of emails this last year asking about this, I’ve decided to go ahead with a 2018 edition of What’s Your Story?

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Genre is wide open. Write a poem, write an essay, recraft your memoir into fiction, create a photo collage, write in code, JUST WRITE! Okay, I’m kidding about the code. Well, if you provide how to crack the code…hmmmm…food for thought…

I pretty much accept every single piece I receive, unless you are getting snarky and WAY over the top. Keep it clean. Fairly clean. Oh, you know what I mean. I hope.

Page length: No more than two pages, please. That is roughly 600 words. So, let’s say under 1000 words. Short and sweet.

Cost to you: Nothing, nada, zero (unless you want a copy of the finished book, then it’s about $15.)

Prizes? Nope. None of those either. Other than the supreme satisfaction of having your story in print.

Rights: You grant me first time rights to use your story in this anthology. All I ask is that if you publish it elsewhere, you mention that it was first published with Lifetales Media. I will not share or run off with your work. It will be used one time. In this anthology.

Deadline: June 31st.

I’ll have it published and available by the end of July. 🙂

Questions? Comment here or email me at