PROMPT: Take something you wrote from one of your journals and write in narrative form. Experiment with 1st and 3rd person.


I plan to take this journal entry from last year and rewrite it as a memoir:

Okay. Not so terribly bad this morning. Just took my meds, so they haven’t kicked in yet. But I got out of bed, walked (with the walker) to the kitchen, made a cup of coffee, and pain is about a 4. Sucks but manageable. Getting there.

My advisor from school tells me to use this opportunity to write. Believe me, I have thought about it while stretched out on that floor. But I haven’t done very much about it. Not easy to read or write while laid out on the floor on your back. Not to mention a brain gone seriously sideways from muscle relaxers and pain pills.

Of course, sideways is where I want to be when I write, but sometimes you can hurtle right past sideways into no man’s land. And in no man’s land you’re lucky if you can even catch a thought let alone write it down. Or even make sense of it.

But here I am now, off the shuttle to no man’s land and just resting in the sideways, hoping for something….anything…a bit of a poem, a story idea. Well, not much coming yet. Bless you for suffering through my ramblings.

Ponderings from the floor, day 12

THINGS I MISS: my toes in the sand, the sound of the ocean waves breaking on the beach, the birds…oh, I miss the birds the most…, breakfast with my friends, the stars and the moon (I cannot see them from my current view), sunrises and sunsets.

A DOG’S VIEW: I consider my vantage point when I am on the floor. A very different perspective, a dog’s perspective. So, I get on my hands and knees and meander around the room. This is what my dogs see as they move throughout the house. Interesting. I think about how much they are missing being so close to the ground.

And then I realize how much I am missing by being so far above the ground. It’s all relative, I suppose. Yeah, walk in my paws for awhile Maya says. Lots of things down there near the ground that I never noticed before. I suppose a change in perspective now and then is a good thing to have. There’s a story in there.

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Prompt #1 Timelines   Prepare a timeline of events that span your birth to age 18.

Prompt #2 Favorites  Make a list of your favorite things. Choose one of them to write at least a paragraph about.

Prompt #3 Firsts  Make a list of things you did for the FIRST time. Choose at least one of them and write a paragraph or two.

Prompt #4: Pivotal Moments Find your BEFORE/AFTER moment. What is the point – that dividing line – when something so pivotal happened that it changed you forever?

Prompt #5 Memoir Writing Prompt: Your Life as a Museum Exhibit Take something you wrote from one of your journals and write in narrative form. Experiment with 1st and 3rd person.