You’ve created your blog and started making daily or weekly entries. You’ve been doing great for a month. But now perhaps you feel yourself running out of steam. Or maybe you’ve had other things on your mind and just can’t think of what to blog about.

Brainstorm topics you can write about each day by using each letter of the alphabet. It struck me as I did this that I had enough material to last me for quite awhile!

Whatever your blogging topic, take the time to sit down and list out your ABC’s. Brainstorm everything you can say about your topic (or topics) beginning with the letter A. Do the same for letter B and so on. By the time you reach Z, you should have a mountain of blog articles to last you for quite some time.

I used the ABC’s to brainstorm some ideas for blogs. Make a list using each letter of the alphabet of topics that interest you. Don’t think about it too hard; just jot down everything that interests you that starts with the letter A, and so on. You might surprise yourself! See what you can come up with.

Do you have an idea for finding article topics or coming up with ideas? Share it with me! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Have a wonderful day, Karen

Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash