The Everglades Hamiltons meet the Bahamian Knowles.
I spent hours last night connecting Butterball Knowles (of the Ten Thousand Islands) with the Hamilton family. I knew Butterball (James Wilbur) was Gene Hamilton’s grandson but I also knew that the Knowles were from my MOTHER’S side.
I traced back and back and finally made the connection. So, one of my mother’s ancestors married one of my father’s ancestors. Pretty cool, right?
Butterball’s mother was Ethel Hamilton, my grandfather’s sister. Here is a photo of Rebecca and Gene Hamilton (Ethel’s parents) and Butterball, circa 1937
seabrook 1
John Knowles, England=unknown African descent
   James Alexander, Eleuthera 1723=Hannah Campbell 1745-1828
       Alexander George 1782-1825=Nancy Unklast 1783-
           William 1801, Bahamas = Esther Hopton
              Gilbert 1835-1891, Bahamas = Evelina Jane Weatherford 1837-1905
                  Julius Cephus, Key West 1855-1932 = Georgianna J. Ingraham 1860-1891
                      Frank Eugene, Florida 1880 = Charlotte Lorraine 1884-1943
                         Ralph Eugene, Key West 1899 = Ethel Madelyn Hamilton 1914-1964
                            James Wilbur (Butterball), Key West 1932 = Joyce Emma Williams 1933