I tend to drive myself bonkers over these things…always trying to do it the hard way, the right way.

I had a client send me HUGE pdf files for images to be used in an eBook. I was clueless! They were all over 10 megs, so I couldn’t even email them to my graphic guy.

Anyway, a quick fix came from my son (also one of my graphic guys). Here’s what you do:

1. Open the PDF

2. Make sure the image on the screen contains the FULL image.

3. Push the button on your keyboard that says “PRT SC” (Print screen).

4. Open “Paint”. You’ll find it usually under Accessories in your Start up menu.

5. Push Control V (both buttons at the same time). This will paste the Screen Shot you just took into the Paint program.

6. Save the image in “Paint” as a .jpg

There are a couple more steps to get your image right.

7. Open your new .jpg with your image editor and crop out the Screen Shot part of the image. Then save the image.

Easy as pie.

And I know you techies are out there rolling your eyes at me. 🙂