I meet the most amazing people in my line of work.

Matt Pack at Impack Fitness in Miami hired me to help him make an eBook of the articles he has written on Fat Loss and Fitness. Great stuff! He has some amazing ideas about fitness and I recommend you pop over to his website and check him out.

Shai Deerson hired me to write a book on the importance of preserving memories for her company Talking Memories. You really need to check out their website, a place where you can record your memories with audio and visuals.

John and Betty Alicia White at Real Kids Photography are the nicest people you will ever meet! Betty Alicia is an amazing photographer and if you have any questions about photography (especially photographing children), you can pop over to their blog and ask her!

Oh! And please please check out Kevin Mills. The man is out of this world! His ideas never stop…he is overflowing with some very innovative ideas and we’ll be hearing more of him! Pop over to Mills Creative Minds.

Want to get married in Las Vegas? Your one stop source for everything you need to know about getting married in Vegas, you will find at Compare Las Vegas Weddings.

More fascinating people another time. And by the way, I don’t get a kick-back from these people for ‘advertising’ their sites. I just really like them!

Till next time,