There are a plethora of ways to sell your ebook – I only offer a few here that I have found successful.

The easiest way that I have found to sell books is with a Print On Demand publisher. There are many places on the Internet that offer this service. is one source that allows you to upload your book and sell it on their marketplace in print or as a download (or both!). The cost to you is nothing and you set the price for the download. Their system is very easy to use and all you need is your book laid out the way you want it to appear and saved as a .doc file. Once you have created your book there, add a link to your Lulu storefront on your website, post the link on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc., set up a blog page (or five blog pages!) and announce the book. All customers will be directed to your Lulu storefront where they can securely order the book in print or download. Once a quarter, Lulu will send your revenue to you via PayPal or check (whichever you specify).

If the whole process confounds you, shoot me an email at and, for a small fee, I’ll be happy to set your book up on Lulu for you.

Another way to sell your ebook is to simply use PayPal. Set up an account with PayPal and then from the Merchant Services tab at the top, you can create a Buy Now button. The system will give you the HTML code to paste into your website and all customers will be directed straight to PayPal when they order your book. You will be notified by email from PayPal that you have a pending order and then you can simply email the PDF of your ebook to the customer.

Finally, send me your ebook to review and I will write a review for it and post a link on my blog. 🙂