Tips for Making Money Writing for Demand Studios

The first step is to get hired to write for them. They are forever advertising writing jobs but it is extremely difficult to actually get hired by them. Go to and fill out an application. You will be asked to upload your resume and provide a short (300-500 word) writing sample. The system will also ask you to choose your areas of interest. If you don’t hear from them, email them once a week until they answer you. Be pushy.

Once you are hired, you will be directed to the home page for writers. Here you will find your dashboard, where you can choose from hundreds of titles to write about. They are arranged in categories for supposed ease of selection. Don’t bet on it. Here are some tips about title selection for you.

The key to making money on Demand is time. Choose articles that you can write fast, with little research. Don’t submit articles that are inaccurate though – the editors will send you into rewrite. If you are asked to rewrite, you need to determine if it is worth your time to do so. You don’t have to rewrite – you can simply hit the delete article button and move on. I’ve done this several times. It just isn’t always worth your time to rewrite a perfectly good article just because an editor wanted major changes. Take your article over to Triond or Bukisa and move on.

Do a quick keyword search first. Look for titles that interest you and that you can write quickly on. For instance, I run a search on “write”, “book”, “anxiety”, “florida”, “chihuahua”, “garden”, etc. Keep a list by your computer of keywords of subjects you are knowledgable about.

Make the time to browse through ALL of the titles at least once a day. The title list is constantly being updated.

Don’t count on finding titles placed in the correct category. If you are only looking under the “Education” category, then you are possibly missing out on a great table that has been filed in the “Sports” category. You HAVE to browse the whole list to find the gems.

Choose to write “Fact Sheets” on titles that you have to do very little research on. These can be written very quickly, as they are only 200-300 words. They only pay $5 for these titles but considering it can take under 10 minutes to write one, that’s not bad pay.

You start out with only 10 titles that you are allowed to claim. After writing a couple and going through the process, write the editors and request more titles. I know people that are allowed 50 titles at a time and no doubt there are others who have more.

To ensure getting paid once a week, try to get your articles submitted by Monday of each week. Sometimes the editors are very quick in reviewing an article, sometimes it takes much longer. But generally, I upload my finished articles on Sunday, and I have money in my Paypal by Friday.

Try out the different forms of articles and decide which you are most comfortable writing. “About” articles take a different form than “How-To’s”. I find “How-to’s” easier and quicker to write, but some people prefer the “About” format. It is a matter of personal preference.

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