Growing up in the 70s, I was taught that I could be anything that I wanted, that thanks to the women’s movement, women could now be whatever they wanted.

I think they lied. Because what I wanted to be was a mother – a full time mother. When employers ask me today what I did between high school and college, I say, “I raised my kids.” They give me a funny look and I feel like shit because I did do that. It was what I CHOSE; it was what I wanted. And apparently, by society standards, it was a bad choice. Ask Hilary Rosen.

Now, at the end of raising children, I ask myself if  being a full time mother was such a lofty goal when it is a job that ends with no benefits. Don’t tell me about the benefit of having three fully grown men as sons…I am blessed by them. But they are grown and gone. Where does that leave me?

You make your choice and live with it. And do what when the kids are grown and you’re left with that ‘earning potential’ 20 years behind you in the dust and a society that says you have no worth because “She’s never worked a day in her life.”? I venture to say that I don’t know a single full time mom who hasn’t worked her ass off – 24/7. We raised our children, we ran a household, we budgeted and planned and sweated and stressed over our jobs – no pay, no benefits, no vacations.

How about a little RESPECT for those of us who made the choice to stay home?

I wonder what other ex full time moms think of all of this? What does the younger generation think about it?

Would love to hear your take on the Mommy Wars!