Is it my imagination or has the client pool diminished to a significant degree?

I browse through Elance and Guru and the only clients there are the usual “I want you to work your ass off for nothing“. Guru has always had a smaller client base than Elance, but I’m shocked that there are only about 20 new jobs posted per day…if that. Elance is crowded with those delightful clients who say such things as, “This is an easy job for an experienced writer.” or “I won’t pay you if you don’t do exactly as I say.” or “I will only accept bids to edit my 350 page novel for under $100; all others will be deleted immediately.”

Where are the true professionals? Where are the clients who are seeking quality work from a quality freelancer?

The last few jobs that I’ve had were repeat clients – clients who know my work and came back for more. Clients who actually pay my fee and don’t gripe about it because they value quality and hard work. In short, clients who are serious about their projects.

I read an excellent discussion over at The Writer’s Manifesto called Things Can Only Get Better…check it out.

My question to other freelancers out there – Where do you find clients in these hard hit economic times? Do you work solely online or do you find clients in your community as well?

Share your freelance marketing strategies with us!

Look forward to hearing from you all….