I’ve been browsing blogs today looking for new ways to find clients. I haven’t checked out all of these yet, but they all come recommended by high performing writers and freelancers.

Problogger.com. Not an Elance or Guru type site. This site reads like a newspaper classified page. Haven’t tried it yet, but it comes highly recommended by professionals. Free.

Freelance Switch Job Board. You have to pay $7 per month to apply for some jobs.  

Blogging Pro Job Board. Another job board….appears to be free.

Craigslist. Be very careful on this site….lots of scams going on…but I have picked up many jobs from my local Craigslist.

Freelance Writing Jobs. I visit this one about once a week. Basically a site that daily posts writing jobs they’ve found around the web. Good resource.

I’ll be adding more as I find them! I’ve posted below freelance writing site links from a previous post.

Elance: http://www.elance.com

Bid on jobs at ELANCE. Jobs for writers, graphic designers, and computer geeks are offered here by various companies and individuals. You set up your profile and portfolio and search for jobs in your area, then bid on them. Basic $9.95 or so to join and you are allowed to make so many bids per month. If you are serious about this, buy the more expensive package ($40 or so a month), so that you can bid more often. I won’t lie to you; it takes some time to build a reputation on this site. Once you’ve established yourself, you can work full-time with the great jobs you’ll find on Elance. They do charge a service fee for paid jobs, but it is worth it.

Advantages: You can see the high-average-low bids on each job and bid accordingly, they provide a time tracker so you can see how long you spend on each project, and they roll over ‘connects’, meaning if you don’t use your connects to bid on projects in one month, they roll over to the next month!

Guru: http://www.guru.com

You can join for free, but your bidding capability is severely limited. Prices range from $30-$100 per quarter for membership, and Guru takes a commission on paid jobs. Good jobs and good employers. I get a lot of work through Guru. This is the site to use if you are serious about freelancing. Disadvantages: doesn’t have a time tracker and you can’t see the high-average-low bids like you can at Elance.

Freelancer (formerly GetAFreelancer): http://www.freelancer.com/

I haven’t found many jobs here yet, but it is a site to keep your eye on.


Find writing and design jobs at IFREELANCE (iFreelance). Same as Elance and Scriptlance – create a profile and portfolio and bid on jobs. I haven’t landed any gigs there yet, but I’ve only been on there for less than a month. Appears to have decent work and very easy to navigate. Premium membership is roughly $140 a year, but you can pay $10 per month. They don’t charge a commission or service fee on paid jobs.

Ozlance: http://ozlance.com/

For Aussies and New Zealanders, OZLANCE is just like the American Elance. It is open to freelancers worldwide, and it is free to sign up. Now available internationally.

Freelance Switch:  http://freelanceswitch.com/

I’m not finding much in the way of jobs on this site, but I did find some great articles on freelancing on their blog. Worth a look!

FWJ: Freelance Writing Jobs: http://www.freelancewritinggigs.com/

Good site for finding all the “get a freelance writing job” sites (Useful but I still recommend checking each site individually).

Writing Bidshttp://www.writingbids.com/

Good site for finding all the “get a freelance writing job” sites (Useful but I still recommend checking each site individually).

Worldwide Work at Home: http://www.worldwideworkathome.com/writing.html

Has all kinds of work at home jobs. This link goes straight to the writing jobs. Good site for finding all the “get a freelance writing job” sites (Useful but I still recommend checking each site individually).

eNotes: http//www.enotes.com

Good site for finding jobs reviewing literature and writing study guides for books.


Thousands of virtual jobs site – not just writing.

ScriptLance: Very much similar to Elance, but the service is free. Because it is free, however, you will have to wade through some incredibly ridiculous jobs – like people wanting articles for $1 each. Mind you, there are plenty of folks who will write a 600 word article for $1, and these guys posting the jobs know it. Be careful you are not bidding on those jobs; don’t undersell yourself THAT much! I have landed a couple of decent paying jobs there, but you have to really dig for those gems.

oDesk: https://www.odesk.com/

I haven’t found many jobs here yet, but it is a site to keep your eye on.

Christian Devotions Ministryhttp://christiandevotions.us/category/write/

They don’t pay for your devotions, BUT YOU NEED TO VISIT THIS SITE and download their two pdf files on writing devotionals. They break it down step by step and you don’t want to miss reading these files BEFORE you ever write a word!

The Secret Placehttp://www.judsonpress.com/catalog_sp_guidelines.cfm

THE SECRET PLACE is written solely by freelance writers, and anyone may submit original, unpublished devotions (meditations) for consideration. $20 for each submission published. Guidelines include sample and extensive submission info.

The Word in Season:

Devotion Writing: http://www.revwriter.com/congregational/writerguidelines.shtml

During Advent and Lent, we’ll publish just devotions to nurture the busy spirit. Query first at editor@revwriter.com if you are interested in writing a devotion for RevWriter Resource. To be included in the pool of devotional writers, tell me your background and writing experience. I may request a writing sample or trial devotion.

Payment for each devotion will be $10.