The Bloodletter’s Daughter tells the story of the mad Hapsburg prince. Set in 17th century Prague, the citizens of small hamlet in Bohemia are forced to deal with the horror and depravity of King Rudolf II’s insane illegitimate son living in the castle. The local bloodletter is called in to bleed the prince in the hopes of balancing his bad humors, taking along his pretty daughter, Marketa, as his assistant. When the mad prince becomes obsessed with the girl, all hell breaks loose.

Based on a true story turned local legend, the tale is artfully woven into a fictional tale. The author did a superb job in bringing these historical characters to life. I could not put the book down until I reached the last page! One word of advice though – you will be mightily tempted to rush off to Google and look up these characters and events. Resist the urge! I was so mad at myself for looking them up and knowing the ending before I finished reading the novel. Although, the author does add in some hair raising twists!