Sudden Independents by Ted Hill

An interesting post-apocalyptic story of children and teens trying to survive after all the adults 18 and over die of a mysterious plague. The teens approaching 18 try to lead the younger ones while the specter of death hangs over their heads. The story was engaging and the characters were interesting enough, if a bit clichéd.

This is a good read for the younger set. Older readers might become bored with the sometimes clichéd teenage characters. The star of the show is ‘six or seven’ year old Catherine and I honestly thought I might scream if she called someone “silly” one more time.

Also, as an English teacher and copy editor, I can’t help but get bogged down by grammar issues (‘were’ instead of ‘we’re’; missing punctuation; etc.) There were not many, but there were enough to interfere with my reading pleasure.

Overall, I liked the story though and will read the next one by this author.