What is happening in the publishing world?? I have complained many times about the lack of proofreading done by self-published authors (yep, I’m guilty too!), but for a MAJOR publishing house like Random House to put out a novel with glaring errors is unforgivable!

“The Twelve” by Justin Cronin is a book published by Random House. Mr. Cronin is happily on a USA book tour as we speak. I just saw him on CBS Morning News yesterday. The man has hit the big time – with a big publishing house. Every writer’s dream, huh? If I were him, I’d be firing Random House and looking for a new publisher.

Reading this novel (and I love Justin Cronin) was painful because of the grammatical errors. Perhaps it is just the Kindle version?

Consider this example – “The man swept her hair into his fist and yanked it taught.”

Seriously? I am considering giving up reading new novels forever. It seems that even the ‘big’ publishers have become lazy about proofreading. This version has far too many of these errors. I am depressed that I paid $13.99 to Random House for such a poorly edited novel. Sad state of the world today…

I think I will return to Faulkner, Steinbeck, and egads….Shakespeare…..