I’ve joined up this year. I say I will every year but never seem to get around to it. My son, Josh, has challenged me this year to go for it, so I am plugging away. I feel like I am writing the worst crap ever, but at least I am writing something!

So far, I’ve written a grand total of 340 words. I believe NaNo recommends at least 1600 words per day. Guess I need to get cracking, huh? NaNo gives you these lovely stats each day as a means to kick you in the butt: 



I’m working on a novel called The Maia Experiment (read about it here, if you want).




So, anyone else participating in NaNo this year? Have you participated in past years? Would love to hear from you! I need all the encouragement I can get!

Want to join up? It’s time to ‘get er done”! National Novel Writing Month