Why Publish with Karenzo Media?

11-15-2013 8-19-34 AM

SUBMISSIONS UPDATE: At this time (2014), we are accepting submissions in ALL genres. We are particularly interested in titles that have to do with lifewriting (memoirs, how to, journaling, etc.). If you are not sure about a title you would like to submit, drop us an email and ask.
I’ve written a book. Why shouldn’t I just self-publish it?
First of all, congratulations on finishing a complete book! That is no easy feat. Now you need to do a whole host of things to just get it ready for publication. Most authors have no idea what is entailed in actually getting a book ready to go to print. Some do, and if you are one of those people, and you are ready to take on the task, then you probably don’t need us at all.


For those of you just wading into the dark waters of publishing, here is what needs to be done:

Editing and Proofreading – They are not the same thing, and you need to know the difference. You absolutely need to have this done! We make a habit of reading books that are self published because we are always on the lookout for potential ‘great reads’. Occasionally we run across a great book, but it is (sadly) rife with typos, grammatical errors, and format catastrophes. We’ve found quite a few gems out there though, and maybe one of them is yours! When we take on a potential author, editing and proofreading is included. We have a team of editors that make sure your precious manuscript is the best that it can be.

Formatting – You may have written the greatest book on earth, but if you don’t format it correctly, you will look like an amateur and lose credibility (not to mention customers). We have been formatting manuscripts since 1998, and we keep up with all the current trends out there. All of our titles are professionally formatted for print, eBook, and digital (Kindle, etc.) publishing.

Distribution – You’ve edited and formatted your book. How are you going to get it out there to the world? We assign your title with an ISBN under our company and imprint and submit the title to many different venues, including Amazon.

You will never have to worry about getting your books to your customers. We handle all of that, so that you can start working on your next book. You will receive a royalty report and payment quarterly.

Will you market my book if I publish with you?
We do some marketing, but we expect our authors to do as much marketing as they can on their own. As one of our authors, we will provide you with the tools and knowledge to market your book. In addition, each author is assigned an individual author page on our website. We market all of our titles regularly via social media, blog posts, book reviews, author interviews, and book fairs. As of this year, we will be selling our titles at Book ‘Em North Carolina, as well as serving on various panels at that event.

So, what do I get out of publishing with you?
You will be involved in every step along the way. We make no move without your approval, although we reserve the right to rescind the contract should we believe that your choices will hinder the sale of your book and/or cause Karenzo Media to appear less than professional. We make every effort to work with you and explain to you the process as we go along.

  1. Professional editing and proofreading
  2. Professional formatting
  3. Professional cover design or submit your own cover
  4. ISBN and distribution
  5. Record keeping and royalty payment
  6. Author’s personal webpage
  7. Marketing advice
  8. Some marketing (see above “Will you market my book…”)
  9. 5 print copies of your book – free
  10. Print books at any time at cost (generally $3-$5 each)

What royalties do you pay?
We offer 20%-40% royalty, depending on the title. This is very high in this industry.
Titles that generate monies for charity typically will be offered an even higher royalty.

How do I submit my manuscript to you?
Send a short query with at least 2 chapters of your book (as an attachment). One of those chapters needs to be the FIRST chapter. We only accept email queries. PDF’s are fine.

Do you provide any of the above services if I choose to self-publish my book?
Yes! We can provide any of the above services in any combination. You are under NO OBLIGATION to publish with us. Simply send us a note explaining what you need done, and we will contact you regarding fees. Consultations are always free via email, phone, or Skype.

What do you charge for editing and proofreading?
Every client is unique, so our fees differ depending on what the client is looking for from us. Generally our fees for editing are about $2.00 per page (every 300 words) and $1.00 per page for proofreading. Again, contact us with your specific needs.


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