tn_creative-writing-e1386180759634I am excited to be compiling a book of creative writing exercises from teachers and authors. I’m hoping that you will be one of those authors or teachers who contributes to the book!

I recently sat on a panel for self-publishing at Book ‘Em N.C. Writer’s Conference and Book Fair. I didn’t get to sit down much after that! Every time I turned around someone was there asking me about publishing, writing, editing, marketing, etc. It was wonderful to see so many budding authors! I wished then that I had something like this proposed book to offer those writers.

Out of all of the books I have out there, the one that sells the most briskly is Poetry Writing Workshop: A Workbook for Students. Readers come from all walks of life, even though I wrote the book as a resource for teachers. I think the reality is that writers hunger for more creative ideas, no matter where they come from.

So, I want to compile a book along those lines – a book for writers with advice and writing exercises from authors and teachers – that includes YOU!

The goal is to encourage those writers who are just starting out or ‘stuck’.

As a contributor, you will receive a digital copy of the book and the chance to plug your book – you can even include a short excerpt of one of your books and links to your website(s).

What I need from you should you decide to join us:

· A short bio

· How do you get those creative juices flowing and/or what inspires you to write?

· What is your favorite creative writing exercise? (Imagine you had to teach a workshop and needed to give the class an exercise to do.) The exercise can be about plot, character development, voice, etc. Whatever you want!

· A sample or samples of the finished product from your writing exercise

Your creative writing lesson can be in any genre (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc.). It might be one paragraph or 5 pages long! No limits! Just make sure that the reader has a specific thing they need to do to get their creative muse in gear!


Karen Silvestri, Karenzo Media