Pleased to be working with Dennis on this project! The title of the book will actually be Gotta Find a Home: Conversations with Street People. This cover is just a sample of the style we will be using…the picture here is not in the public domain (Credit: Arman Zhenikeyev via Shutterstock)) …we just used it for layout ideas.





This is the first Idea my publisher put together for the cover of my book? What do you think? If anyone has suggestions for suitable images in the public domain, I’d appreciate you letting me know.  I’ve checked nearly everything on Google. Because of privacy reasons, and regards for my safety, I can’t use actual photos of the people who have participated in these conversations.

The first book will be three hundred and seventy pages. I have a second book in the works of about four hundred pages. Prices will be kept low, to make it affordable to everyone. All proceeds will go to the people I have written about.

The stories will continue as soon as the weather improves. I see Chuck most mornings, but everyone else is staying indoors to keep warm.


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