I so love a challenge! In this coming new year, I have decided to stop telling others to write their memoirs and start writing my own. The great thing about a public challenge is that others do it with you and keep you motivated (hopefully) to continue on.

So, I am hoping you will join me in this memoir writing challenge. I’ll post a prompt each week. You’ll have a whole week to write something…a paragraph, a poem, a full page, maybe even several pages!

Along the way, I’ll be here if you need a nudge to break through writer’s block. I encourage you to share your writing … you don’t have to, of course.

writing your life challenge

Pop on over to the Facebook page for the Writing Your Life Challenge 2016 for extra inspiration. I’ll post the prompt for each week there and here, so you can visit either one.

Ready to get started? The first prompt will be posted January 1, 2016.