feature-scalpingA first hand account of getting scalped! 1884: Unfortunately, the top of this article was crumpled and unreadable, but I was able to get this much about the man who wrote the account of being scalped. This scalping happened in 1869 in Indiana.
“…a soldier in the United States infantry under Custer and participated in many of the battles with the Indians during the campaign of 1869, among them the bloody fight with Black Kettle’s band in the Big Horn Valley. In this engagement, Mr. Holly was wounded and scalped by the Indians, and is one of the very few persons who were ever scalped and lived to tell of it.”

The Pensacolian Sun Jan_27 1884

1884 account of a scalping 1 The_Pensacolian_Sun__Jan_27__1884_

1884 account of a scalping 2 The_Pensacolian_Sun__Jan_27__1884_

The remainder of the article is torn off. I love that this memoir is so detailed and so full of historical accuracy. I found myself wincing while reading it!


Chief Black Kettle